13-14 MARCH 2024
Photo of Mwari PIzaa House

GEC+ Africa backs Mwari Pizza House for Mandela Day celebrations

22 on Sloane, the organizing team for Global Entrepreneurship Congress Africa (GEC+ Africa) placed Mwari Pizza House at the center of their 2023 Mandela Day celebrations in south-west Kwa-Thema township in Ekhurhuleni. The eatery received a thorough paint over from the GEC+ Africa team in collaboration with African Bank a platinum partner to the Congress. This endeavor was spearheaded through a joint partnership under the Grindrod Bank initiative, through the ESD programme a provider of business support and enterprise development to the establishment since the month of June.

To mark the remembrance of the stalwart’s legacy, the Nelson Mandela Foundation set the day apart with the theme “The Legacy Lives Through You”, which was met with high enthusiasm as both teams spent the day revamping the business premises, enjoying entertainment by local artists and the positive cheering from the residents while bringing change to a business thriving despite various challenges over the years.

The initiative identified the need for the restaurant premises to project a thriving business viability by transforming its outer appearance. Having survived Covid-19 tough times, the business will experience more growth as part of the enterprise development that funds ten female entrepreneurs, Mwari Pizza House will benefit from more Grindrod Bank enterprise and supply development initiative for another ten months.

This year’s Grindrod Bank initiative is centered particularly on climate change, food, and solidarity. Tshepi has been striving and thriving in doing so, with the small business having been established in 2018, triggered by her frustration of being unemployed for over a year. Her business has in-turn successfully bolstered other nearby youth-run businesses; local taxis deliver within a ten-kilometer radius, customers pay affordable prices owing to proximity, and enjoy unique pizza creations which are inspired by South African staple favorites. In more than one way, she has managed to create a “resilient food environment” while authentically serving her community with flair.

The GEC+ Africa team has been at the forefront of working with entrepreneurs to ensure the maintenance of small businesses possessing scale potential that meet the needs of identified markets. The Mandela Day celebrations saw the team exercising pride in adding value and significance to a business that has sustained itself through uncertainty, disruption, and high risk. The mission to continue nurturing long-lasting growth remains an essential goal of the congress as the world of entrepreneurship persists in breaking ground in new and unpredictable markets.

GEC+ Africa will be taking place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre in South Africa from 13 - 14 March 2024. The congress is a platform to bring together entrepreneurs from across the African continent who will receive the opportunity to receive valuable insights from relevant industry experts while they expand their networks. To register to attend the GEC+ Africa 2024 congress go to: www.gecafrica.co